Born in the erstwhile French suburb of Chandernagore near Calcutta on 1st July 1951, Manoj Pal had his High school in the town and graduated from Government College of Art & Craft (Calcutta) in 1977. He moved to Allahabad working as a creative artist, joined BYB as its Creative Director and is still works with them as an Art Consultant.

While working he also pursued his passion—painting. He has conducted individual exhibitions of his paintings in Mumbai and Kolkata. He has also taken part in group shows along with other artists in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad besides participating in several Exhibitions and Art-camps; won a few awards as well, like, Best Artist, 100 Years of Communication Media, St Pauls, Mumbai. Best Music Album designer, ATN-Kolkata.

Multi-talented, Manoj has tried successfully his hand at Sculpture and also authored four Books:

  • Anyone Can Learn Art (A practical Course on Drawing & Painting), Mumbai
  • The Hues of Red (Novel), Kolkata
  • পলাশ ফোটার দিন (উপন্যাস), Kolkata
  • পঞ্চাশোর্ধে অর্ধ-সহবাস (কবিতা-সংগ্রহ), Kolkata

Now he is settled in his home town near Kolkata.                

                                                                                              —Sebastian P. (Copy Editor, St Pauls, Mumbai)

Manoj’s individual Shows:

Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2020. Taj Bengal, Kolkata 2018. D D Neroy Gallery, Mumbai 2009. Nehru Center, Mumbai 2009

Took part in Group Shows:

Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata-2018, 2019. Nandan, Mumbai-2010. With Nirmalendu Mondal at D D Neroy, Mumbai-2008. Group of 42 Artists at D D Neroy, Mumbai-2008. Out of the Blue Gallery, Bandra, Mumbai-2008. Hyderabad Art Gallery-2007. Hyatt Regency, Mumbai-2008

Paricipated in:

Birla Academy of Art & Culture Annual Exhibitions, Kolkata. Lokmanya Tilak Art Exhibitions Annuals, Pune. Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibitions, Kolkata. College Square Int. Art Fair, Kolkata

Other Information:

Taught at The Spice Institute, Mumbai. Guest Lecturer, Govt College of Art & Craft, Kolkata. Guest Lecturer, Pryag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.


Private collections in Australia, US, UK. A number of Portraits collected by Saregama India Ltd. Paintings are regularly collected through Samsara Art, Mumbai

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